Romancing the Creek

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Home Safe Cleaning Agents

Creek Friendly Products  We've Tried that work

Good old fashion baking soda, distilled vinegar, borax, hydrogen peroxide, and water can handle most cleaning tasks.  For more home natural solutions that can also save you money see Make Your own.

Products that can be found locally or on line:
  • All purpose soap—Dr. Bronners Liquid Soap (TJ)
  • Dish soap – We like Method (CVS, BBB, C, MS)and Mrs. Meyers. (BBB, CP, T, MS)
  • Hand soap –Jason (CVS), Kiss My Face (T), and Method all make very good hand soap.  Method can be purchased in a large refill container at Costco. These hand soaps are also great for body wash.
  • Shampoo –Jason is good. A large number of Suave shampoos are labeled as biodegradable.
  • Shaving cream –Kiss My Face is a good brand. In a pinch, you can use biodegradable conditioners.
  • Laundry detergent – We recommend  Seventh Generation (CVS, WF, T) Trader Joe’s Brand and Ecos (C, WF, MS, )

B=Bed, Bath, & Beyond
CP=Cost Plus

CVS=CVS Pharmacy
MS=Mollie Stones
TJ=Trader Joes

Please email us with the names of products you have found that meet these standards and where they can be purchased